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Issue 20

Issue 20

Time Behind a Shadow: The What, Where and When of Lunar and Solar Eclipses

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The Biochemistry of Luster Dust: To Eat or Not to Eat

Lucid Dreaming: The Science of Achieving Awareness in Dreams

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A College Student's Life Living From Nap to Nap: Sleep and the Formulation of Interfering Memories

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Dance and the Empathetic Mind

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Insect Allies: Genetically Modified Insects Could Be Farmers' New Best Friends

Low Gut Microbiota Levels Affect the Development of Depression and Anxiety: Lactobacillus Levels Connect to Improvements in Mental Health

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The Masterminds of Your Diet: Taking Control of Your Gut Microbes

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Unwinding the Web: The Mathematical Basis of the Spider Web

Adderall: Use and Abuse of Study Drugs on College Campuses


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Electronic Health Records: Improved Healthcare is in Our Hands

How to Fake a Face: AI Systems Create Realistic Faces From Scratch

Issue 19

Issue 19


Art and Environment

Soda: The Hidden Dangers Inside the Can

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Space Force: The Next Frontier

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The Mummy’s Curse?: Mummies, Their Use in Disease Research, and the Potential Outcomes of Their Recovery

Homo praticus: Performing Man and the Paradox of Social Media

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Sleep: Casually Prescribed, Deeply Beneficial, Poorly Understood

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Learning from the 'Alien' Language: Unraveling Linguistic Relativity in the Film Arrival

A Revolting Remedy: A Word About C. diff and Experimental Treatments

When Magnets Inspire Art: From Psychedelic Artwork to Floating Objects

Issue 18

Issue 18

Cold Plasma Therapy: Can One Device Change the World?

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The Outbreak of Autoimmunity: Why are our immune systems going rogue?

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Hand Dryers: Germ Machines in Disguise?

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Using Ancient Slugs to Understand Our Immune System: How Dicty Sentinel Cells Model Neutrophils

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Rest, Pain Medication, Darkness, Repeat: How we should be addressing concussions in athletes

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Defusing the bomb: How Mammoths, a Russian Scientist, and His Tank Are Trying To Save the World

Human-Caused Extinction: A Call to Action

The Winding Roads of Sterile-20s: The Need for Personalized Treatment in Untangling the Inextricable Web of Cancer

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Existing Between Dreams and Reality: The Science Behind Narcolepsy and Cataplexy

Digital Dentistry: The Rise of CAD/CAM

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Gene Editing: Combating Malaria with CRISPR/Cas9

## The Power of Words: The Ramifications of Stigmatizing Language in Medical Records

Scientific Colonialism and Biopiracy: Moving Beyond Patents and Intellectual Property

Alexa, Play “Despacito”!: Privacy in our Virtually Augmented World

The Liquid to Life: The potential behind the presence of water in our Solar System

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Issue 17

Issue 17

Genetics of Esophageal Cancer: Exploring a Booming Sector of Cancer Research

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Break Out The Soap: The Filthiest Objects You Touch Everyday

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You Can't Always Trust Your Gut

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Impostor!: The Basics of Impostor Syndrome and How to Handle It

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Treating ADHD While Preserving Creativity

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Issue 16

Issue 16

Jack of Some Trades: How Trade-offs Allow Organisms to Succeed Where it Counts

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Debating the Use of Public Lands: Conservation or Mining for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

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First Lab Grown Human Eggs: A Beacon of Hope for Infertility

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Issue 15

Issue 15

Think One Person Can Change the World?: Plants Already Have

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Lab-Grown Meat: Food Savior of the Future or an Elusive Ambition?

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